About Us

Pearl Sound Studios, founded in the late 1970’s, is one of the longest running professional recording studios in the Midwest. Located in suburban Detroit, Michigan, this historic recording facility has been owned and operated since the early 2000’s by Chuck Alkazian and Patrick Harwood. Pearl Sound Studios was originally owned by producer, Ben Grosse.

A former truck-repair facility that persevered through Canton’s pre-strip mall/fast food restaurant days, the cinder block building’s exterior features are plain and simple, assuring that it attracts far fewer glances than the fancy-in-comparison farm market located directly across the street. If the building’s interior walls could talk, they’d probably sing, because the space they envelope is a legendary breeding ground for musical magic.

Once invited, visitors cross the threshold through the cobalt blue front door and join a star-studded guest list that includes everyone from Soundgarden to The Romantics and Eminem — celebrities who appreciate the privacy Pearl Sound Studios offers.

Pearl Sound Studios does its best to make their clients feel comfortable and right at home, engaging them in their historic process while the owners electrify their clients’ work.

This iconic facility has been providing production, recording, mixing and songwriting services to clients all over the world for 40 plus years! So, while the music industry is ever so changing, Pearl Sound Studios is one of the last remaining full service recording studios to hold true to the original recording experience! 

Welcome to Pearl Sound Studios…

Studio A Control Room
Studio A Control Room